custom Morocco Tours

Either a Tour for leisure or a trip to discover the cultures and the history of Morocco we got you covered . here at Morocco Wander Tours we offer group and private custom Morocco tours all around Morocco with knowledgeable professional tour Guides who will assist  you with everything you will need through your journey in Morocco and enlighten you with all the information on the main attractions you visit .

Custom Morocco Tours

Morocco Wander Tours  organizes the best outdoor activities and excursions all around Morocco From hiking the high Atlas mountains to the camel trekking through the  stunning Sahara desert golden dunes or even Mule Trekking in the middle Atlas mountains  in addition to Self-Drive a Buggy or Quad Bike in the desert dunes and sand boarding conclusion a unique experience in Morocco is a promise

Custom Morocco Tours

Our Custom Private Morocco Tours will take you on a wonderful journey into the exotic Morocco where you get to experience the true sense of Morocco at your own pace with the freedom of customizing your  Morocco tour to fit your interest, requirements or even your budget.we help you plan it and we make it happen .we make  special Morocco tours that suits you  because  we consider your comfort first and foremost

Our Recommended Custom Morocco Tours

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we really had a superb experience in Morocco with Morocco Wander Tours The best part was touring the country with our very knowledgeable and informative tour guide and being welcomed by the local people. We really enjoyed the camel trekking , sand boarding and quad biking in the Desert dunes.

Morocco tours

absolutely proud of my decision and Morocco wander didn’t let me down Perfectly met my expectations . i like how the driver was careful through the bad roads and i like how friendly our tour guide was and so funny as well . thanks so much MoroccoWander.


a life time tour from Marrakesh to Merzouga i loved the peaceful and the landscapes of the desert where we spent a wonderful night in the desert camp that was pretty equipped with everything we needed even wifi . i really do recommend Morocco wander if you are considering a trip to Morocco.

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